Summer Fashion Tips For Maximum Style

Improve Your Style With These Summer Fashion Tips!

Summertime is the perfect season to relax and enjoy the higher temperatures while taking a vacation to your favourite place. Of course, for the fashionista, Summertime is also the perfect opportunity to show off the latest and trendiest cute new outfits that were parked in the closet due to cold weather. Here are some of the best summer fashion tips guaranteed you won’t discover elsewhere!

*When buying shoes for the summer, make sure you purchase either a half-size or a full size up from your normal shoe size. Most people forget the fact that hot weather forces your feet to swell up which is why you need the extra space. Though natural materials such as canvas and leather can stretch, it’s still imperative to have that extra space.

*Pay attention to the fabrics you wear, as polyester blends aren’t breathable and are likely to hold sweat stains. During excruciatingly hot days, you can stay cool by choosing natural materials such as cotton as it can help absorb your perspiration and also release it. If you can spend a bit of extra money, linen is an even better choice than cotton is it’s a conductor of heat and the most breathable fabric – see Fashion NI for some nice linen tops.

*Just because it’s summertime doesn’t mean that you’ll forgo wearing makeup, which is why it’s important to protect your makeup products from melting. You can do this by taking a small Ziploc freezer bag and leaving it in your freezer overnight. As a short-term solution, you can toss your makeup products inside and keep them from spoiling while you enter a properly air-conditioned space – more summer make up tips.

Staying cool this summer comes down to choosing properly sized shoes and the right breathable fabrics. You’ll also discover that your makeup is easily melted by the summer heat, which is why you need to act quickly and place them in a freezer bag that can keep them cool while you get to your destination.