What Are The Different Types Of Web Hosting Services?

Are you looking for web hosting services? Are you feeling overwhelmed because of the various types of web hosting services available? Well, here’s what you need to know about different types of web hosting services and how to choose the best one depending on your hosting needs.

•    Cloud-Based
It’s a fairly new hosting system where many individual servers work simultaneously and mimic one giant server. As the need for hosting grows, the web host can always add more hardware to create a larger cloud or grid. One advantage of this type of hosting is that rather than shutting your site down because of too much traffic, the web hosting plan usually accommodates the surge.

•    Dedicated Web Server
Here, you’re getting a physical server from the web host allowing you full control, if needed. There is no other site on the server taking up the resources and slowing your site down. It’s actually the best type of web hosting, especially if your online business grows thus attracting more site traffic. It’s generally expensive than other types of hosting services so you need the right budget before subscribing for it.

•    Shared Hosting
With this type of web hosting your site will be hosted on a server which is shared with other websites. One advantage of choosing this type is the cost-sharing because you can spend very little sharing a super server with numerous other websites. Of course, there’s the disadvantage of always being at the mercy of numerous other sites on the server.

For instance, if there’s a very popular site on the same server, it might affect the overall performance of your own site. However, if your site is the popular one, you get the advantage of using a super server at the cheapest price possible. If your online business is fairly new, you can always use this hosting plan before moving on or you can check out best web hosting for wordpress 2018, as this type of package has also become extremely popular, as the majority of new sites are built on the wordpress platform.